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Cogill Philanthropy Management (Pty) Ltd was established in 2014 and we are based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our role in the SA economy is to drive impact businesses and to implement high impact projects across South Africa. The businesses and projects we work with directly solve societal and environmental challenges with their products or services, while contributing to the economy. As an impact business ourselves, we can relate to the challenges faced in the Eco system. Job creation, poverty alleviation and youth empowerment are our main objectives.

With extensive local and global operational experience in CSI, project management and SROI reporting, we are able to help our clients set objectives, track sustainability and ultimately realise their philanthropy goals.

Therefore, Cogill Philanthropy Management (CPM) acts as a professional service conduit between benefactors and beneficiaries. We offer a range of specialised professional services to the CSI and Impact market. Our clients are made up of businesses, families and impact investors who are serious about sustainable social and environmental change. Cogill Philanthropy considers the whole picture and then we break it down into achievable parts.


The desire to promote the wellfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Why Choose Us?

At Cogill Philanthropy Management our approach is unique and we focus on innovative new ways of conducting global philanthropy. Venture Philanthropy and Peer to Peer Philanthropy are just some of the ways in which we are driving growth in the impact sector.

Venture Philanthropy is based on high engagement with beneficiaries beyond providing financial support. A strategic assistance approach is adopted and this can include long term planning, help in raising capital, board and executive recruitment, accessing networks and leveraging relationships to identify additional resources and facilitate partnerships.

Venture Philanthropy works to build stronger social organisations by providing them with both financial and non-financial support to increase their social impact.

The results of a managed approach can be seen globally through the growth of the impact sector. The support for green and social impact businesses is consistently growing. The benefits of a managed approach includes accountability, sustainability, cost saving, high social development impact and sustainable economic growth. Managed philanthropy attracts more investors and donations and it creates positive giving experiences.

Our team of experts are waiting to help you find the right project.


What do we do?

Our work with corporates includes CSI advisory, and CSR/ Enterprise Development programme management. Strategies are designed to help organisations give back to society while achieving their BBBEE goals and maintaining their triple impact bottom line. Although the new Generic BEE Scorecard has similarities to the old one, weightings in the BEE Codes of Good Practice have been changed, which could seriously affect a firm’s BEE status. We offer Social Return on Investment (SROI) reporting through registered SROI practitioners which is an important post investment tool used to assess the non-monetary impact of a donation or investment.

Our work with entrepreneurs in the impact field involves preparing them for investment and helping them to scale up into sustainable green businesses. By continuing to assist high impact businesses pre and post the investment or funding phase, we are ensuring that companies get the best chance to succeed.

The businesses we assist operate across impact sectors and we work with some of the most talented individuals in the impact field. The focus on products and services includes education, agriculture, renewable energy, manufacturing, mining, health, youth development and LED ventures with a high job creation impact. Our role specifically is assistance in raising capital and finding the right funding partners for each business, recruitment of green jobs as well as mentorship and business development assistance. Throughout our projects we play a vital role in the advisory capacity and we treat each venture as if it was our own.